Meet Our Team

Our team is provided training on "Education in Winston-Salem" and "Youth Advocacy 101" provided by Wake Forest University's Office of Civic & Community Engagement.
Outside of tutoring, we encourage and offer opportunities for our team to participate in various community volunteer projects and fundraising to foster a connection to the area in which they live.

Ella-Brooke Morgan

Founder/Director/Student Tutor

Ella-Brooke manages all divisions of ViP Tutoring. She interacts with organization reps, operates our social media and website, selects, trains, and manages all tutors, meets with parents and students interested in receiving help, and tutors students as well. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any part of ViP Tutoring, please feel free to email her. 


Ella-Brooke is a rising junior at West Forsyth High School. GO TITANS! She is very active at West as the Vice President of Student Government, Co-President of Speech & Debate Club, and Secretary for Key Club. She challenges herself in AP/Honors level coursework and enjoys writing as a member of the NC Writer's Network. She is also a Changemaker with the YMCA's Youth and Government, a Crosby Scholar, and enjoys taking dance classes. She has participated in various programs offered through The School of The New York Times, UNC-Chapel Hill, and Duke University to grow in her journalism and creative writing passions. Those programs have also enriched her knowledge of global, national, state, and community disparities. She chooses to partner with the Winston-Salem Lions Club and support the recycling of eyeglasses, being that she lives with a vision and muscle disorder herself.

Kerry Morgan

Assistant Director/Parent

Kerry Morgan is also "mom." She supports and shares the vision of ViP Tutoring, helping to facilitate interactions and assist with events and programs when needed. 

Meet Our Student Leadership Team

Ashley Silva Martinez

Hispanic Outreach  & ViP Student Coordinator

Ashley manages the Hispanic Outreach division of our program and also assists with our "Set-Up Assistance" meetings. She facilitates most communication with non-English speaking parents and their students, as well as coordinates tutors to work with them. She translates for ViP directors in meetings, translates our forms & documents, and assists families needing assistance getting prepared for tutoring. She has tutored children both with ViP Tutoring and a local private school. She has been serving her community for four years and has an exemplary history with us. We are fortunate to have her in these leadership roles as well as still tutoring students! She is also a sophomore at the Early College of Forsyth.

Katelyn Sese

ViP Student Coordinator

Katelyn corresponds with groups of parents and students and assists them during their "Set-Up Assistance" meetings. Not only does she make sure they are prepared for tutoring, but she also matches them with a tutor on our team. She does all that and still tutors students as well. She has received the highest reviews from the parents and students and we are very excited that she has decided to take a leadership role with us. Katelyn is a sophomore at the Early College of Forsyth and is an active volunteer in her church and community. She plays multiple instruments including piano, violin, and guitar!

Brianna Greenwood

Tutor Supply Coordinator

Brianna takes care of our tutors by making sure they are supplied with what they need to tutor effectively. Her organizational skills and resourcefulness as a tutor, also make her a perfect person for the job! She assembles our Welcome Kits, folders, and assists us with supply reorders. She takes part in our ViP drive-thru process so that we can offer our tutors a safe pick-up option. She is a sophomore at West Forsyth where she is a Varsity cheerleader. She also serves in the children's ministry at her church.


Macy Vest

Tutor Training Assistant

Meet our training assistant and team cheerleader! Her positive attitude and energy is a great benefit to our new members. She is a tutor herself. She is present at most, if not all, of our training sessions to assist Ella-Brooke in tracking attendance, answering questions, and managing any technical issues that may arise during a training. Look for Macy on our next Zoom training session if you are a new tutor joining our team!