Meet Our Team

Our team is provided training by Wake Forest University's Office of Civic & Community Engagement to go along with ViP's training. Outside of tutoring, we encourage and offer opportunities for our team to participate in various community volunteer projects and fundraising to foster a connection to the area in which they live.

Ella-Brooke Morgan

Founder/Executive Director/Tutor

Ella-Brooke manages all divisions of ViP Tutoring. She interacts with organization reps, operates our social media and website, selects, trains, and manages tutors, meets with parents and students interested in receiving help, and tutors students as well. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any part of ViP Tutoring, please feel free to email her. 

Ella-Brooke is a junior at West Forsyth High School. GO TITANS! She is very active at West as the Vice President of Student Government, Co-President of Speech & Debate, and Secretary for Key Club. She challenges herself in college-level & honors-level coursework and enjoys writing as a features writer for her high school newspaper. She is also a Changemaker with the YMCA's Youth and Government, a Crosby Scholar, and enjoys taking dance classes. She is a member of The School of The New York Times Alumni Board and has participated in programs offered through UNC-Chapel Hill and Duke University to further her knowledge of journalism and criminal law. Those programs have also enriched her knowledge of global, national, state, and community disparities. She chooses to partner with the Winston-Salem Lions Club and support the recycling of eyeglasses, being that she lives with a vision and muscle disorder herself.

ViP Executive Board Members

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Other ViP Leadership Team Members

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