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Documents & FAQs


Copy of Student Code of Conduct Agreement 

All students involved in direct instruction are subject to any applicable school district policies when using school websites or devices, as well as this ViP Student Code of Conduct Agreement. As a client of ViP, there are rules and expectations regarding online etiquette in order to protect all students and all tutors. Access to free in-person or remote homework assistance should be valued, and everyone involved respected.  

Parents/Guardians, please review the following rules and expectations carefully with your student:

• Students are responsible for proper behavior during tutoring sessions. It is not acceptable to use obscene, profane, threatening, or disrespectful language while on virtual platforms or during in-person sessions with our tutors.

• Tutors are not privileged to online passwords, as this is private information, so please do not share. If necessary to assist you, online platform password permissions are to be managed between the parents and ViP Directors only.

The following behaviors will result in a release from tutoring services:

• Two no shows for scheduled sessions without reasonable notification.

• Tutors will not be subject to offensive behavior by either students or parents/community employees during video conferencing or in-person. Examples of unacceptable behavior may include but are not limited to, comments or images that could reasonably offend someone on the basis of race, sex, religious or political beliefs, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic protected by law.

• Intentional repetitive disruptions of sessions.

• Recording any session and transmitting it.



As a parent/guardian of a student receiving assistance through ViP Tutoring, we ask that you please encourage your student to remain attentive and respectful. Parents should support academic integrity the same as our ViP Tutors.


Copy of Tutor Code of Conduct Agreement

Thank you very much for volunteering your time to help with this community non-profit! It requires a strong desire to help those in need of assistance, as well as, maturity, patience, and kindness. Volunteer student tutors work directly with students in support of their current academic team to provide a resource that aims to enable more success in school. 

Appreciation and respect for each student are critical to working effectively as a tutor. Self-worth and self-confidence are important building blocks in the student's learning process. The tutor’s job is to guide and encourage the student in a positive way. At times, students may appear distracted or disengaged, especially if they find a task hard. Please persevere and give them as much encouragement as you can!


The commitment that volunteers make to students is a significant one. As they establish relationships with their students, tutors are viewed as role models. Organizations are also entrusting us with their clients. Therefore, volunteers must conduct themselves in an appropriate and responsible manner by following these guidelines:

● Always speak in a manner appropriate for the age group: no swearing, no suggestive, or derogatory comments.

● Please do not attempt to gather personal information from the student and do not contact them outside of the guidelines of providing service.

● Consider any, and all information about the student as private and hold it in the strictest confidence. 


Question: I can't figure out Canvas or Google Classroom, nor do I know how to find the places on the webpage my student needs to go. Do you help with basic computer or device operation for those who can't figure out the new websites and platforms?

Yes, we can try several things to manage those challenges and if we can't help you, we will find someone who can.

Question: Do you offer in-person tutoring currently? We have a special circumstance that requires that we do in-person versus online.

Yes, we offer both virtual and in-person as of late May, 2021. We try to accommodate our families as much as possible in regards to location and time. Zoom is always as option as well. 

Question: Do your tutors have to go through any type of training?

Yes. We make sure that all ViP tutors are ready to help your student to the best of their ability. They have taken the time to go through training with ViP. They enjoy mentoring and helping in their community and are doing so voluntarily.

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