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You can select your preference for sessions -  either in person or over Zoom, after school or on Saturdays.


We aim to foster a love of learning and improved confidence in your students. Two years of significant academic growth in our ViP students prove us a trustworthy and effective resource - all at no cost. We provide one-on-one educational assistance to Winston-Salem/Forsyth County youth. We match kindergarten through high school students to a personal tutor for consistent, individualized homework help or skill enrichment. Sessions take place a minimum of once a week, either in-person or over Zoom - depending on family preferences. We tutor in all core subjects and some foreign languages. Although we prioritize partner referrals, anyone in the county can register for a tutor.


Our team is trained by both ViP and Wake Forest University's Office of Civic and Community Engagement. Our ViP tutors are a select team of teacher-recommended high school students enrolled in honors or college-level curricula. We have a few college students on our team as well. 

As we kick off 2023, we anticipate forming many new relationships to continue positively impacting the educational outcomes of local youth. We have matched nearly 250 Forsyth County students to a ViP tutor since our founding in 2020. ViP has invested over 8,000 hours in our community! You can read parent/guardian feedback and see images from our Instagram and Facebook pages HERE

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