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ViP's team of compassionate high-school volunteers embodies what it means to work together for the betterment of others and themselves. They are kind, smart, and willing to work hard to enrich each student's learning experience. Read on to learn more about some of our incredible tutors.


Hi! I'm Zarah and I am a freshman at Reagan High School. I am currently enrolled in all honors classes and plan to take AP-level coursework as a sophomore. I am in the Girl's Service Club which helps me pursue my love of volunteering. In my free time I enjoy cooking, crocheting, and baking.


My name is Carly and I am a freshman at Mount Tabor High School. I enjoy being a part of the Art Club and the volleyball team. Outside of school I enjoy art, volleyball, and reading.


My name is Ben O'Brien and I am a sophomore at Atkins High School. Academically, I work to maintain consistent levels of excellence in my grades and schoolwork. I am enrolled in numerous courses that are rigorous and challenging. I play the trumpet in the Atkins Wind Ensemble and participate in my school's marching band. Additionally, I am a JROTC Cadet and a member of the battalion drill team. In higher levels of education I plan to pursue civil engineering or architecture. 

Hello! My name is Abi. I am a freshman at Atkins High School. I strive to take challenging honors and AP courses. Currently, the clubs I participate in are HOSA, Envirothon, Cyberpatriots, and a local robotics team named, Girls on Fire. I enjoy playing instruments, drawing, baking and being outdoors. I love art, music, and helping others when I can! 

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