What Led Us Here


My name is Ella-Brooke Morgan, and I am the Founder/Executive Director of ViP Tutoring & Peer Guides Program. I began helping students with their schoolwork as a middle school peer tutor. As a freshman in high school, I took an opportunity to regularly assist and mentor children for a nonprofit program near my home. Over time, I discovered the reward in seeing students' confidence improve with some guidance and support. Working with students from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds has allowed me to learn from them as well. In March 2020, COVID-19 changed everything, and I was no longer able to continue working with that program. I became determined to find a way to allow families access to help through various platforms moving forward. ViP Tutoring now serves as a way to do just that. I look forward to connecting with more students and like-minded peers in my community, and building new relationships with others through this outreach!